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random thoughts in the middle of the night.
Posted on Wednesday, October 3
Posted at 3:32 AM
So many thoughts I have to pen them down somewhere.

Without thinking too much or going into too much detail, I do feel very happy.

I often care too much about what people think and forget that what really matters is me.

Lying here beside him makes me happy.

Could I have a double personality? Or does everyone has a bitch side to them and I happen to belong to the group that tries very hard to suppress it? 

I like to be in the know of things. Everything.

I would like to have a chat with you and remove this tension between us that's naturally there.

Actually I do think you are more awesome than me.

Oh, I have to be Ms goody two shoes 'cos often I think(know) that that's the only redeeming 
quality about me. What else am I good for except for being nice? 

Just please hug me every night. 

And feed me gummy bears for maybe the next few years at least. 

The One.

People shouldn't still be searching/waiting for the perfect one. Good for you if you do find yours. 

Part of me wants to scout and hunt you down, then smirk in your face. 


I do not like waiting. But it looks like I do not have any choice in this.

Just wait, Kim, wait. The time will come.


Have I ever smiled like this to anyone else?

Is it terrible that I can't recall any of the good memories?

Human nature.

I dont't regret, do you?

Everyone has faults. You just have to decide which are the faults you can live with.

Am I always taking?

Don't wanna jinx anything but we have had quite a smooth sailing 8 months.


Is it a red light if the thought has ever came into my mind?

I wish you all the best. Really.

Starting to think 24 is really too young. 
Posted on Sunday, July 22
Posted at 5:08 AM
Sometimes I doubt and confuse myself.
Then there are times when I look at you and this fullness fills my heart. So I can't help but sigh it away.

I always choose to live out and believe the fairy tale that plays in my head. I make decisions based on my hopes and wishes.
Though I have to admit it does get a bit tiring sometimes to always have to push that doubt away. To have to admit that maybe one day I will have to make decisions that pains me again. 

What am I doing being so pessimistic for this 6 months blog post. Oh god. 
Being overwhelmed by all kinds of feelings is defintely not good for me.

Congratulations on worming your way into my heart. 
of happy food.
Posted on Sunday, March 25
Posted at 10:02 PM
List of places I'm gonna visit. And feast at.
LF kakis.

  • Sarnies
  • Loysel's Toy
  • The Muffinry
  • Jimmy Monkey
  • The Broer's Cafe
  • Stacked
  • De La Creme
  • Antoinette @ Penhas
  • Mezzanotte
  • Marsh & Skyes 
  • Kki
  • Salted Caramel
  • Confused Cooks
  • Aloy Thai
  • Hatched
  • Food For Thought
  • Jones The Grocer
  • Riders Cafe
  • Cafe Epicurous
  • Barracks Cafe House
  • Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
  • The Garden Slug
  • Flor Patisserie
  • Tampopo Deli
That's all for now.
One month..
Posted on Tuesday, February 21
Posted at 12:15 AM
It has been an awesome awesome one month.

You might not be perfect, might not be exactly how I envisioned you to be or want you to be. But that doesn't make us any less awesome together.

This is all.
Moving on.
Posted on Sunday, February 19
Posted at 12:29 AM
Whirlwind 2 months.
Ended a relationship. Started another.
Started another job. Ended all jobs.
New friends made. Old friends lost.
Went for interview. Succeeded miraculously.

Can't use any words go describe how happy I am right now. How I feel like I am finally in charge of my own life. How I feel so loved by all the people in my life who truly cares about me. The kind of happiness I'm feeling right now, the raw, pure kind. I would say I feel infinite but it's me to always, always think negatively in the brightest situations.

I wonder about a lot of stuff I wish I wouldn't.
Is this happening because I was at the right place at the right time, saying the right things?
But isn't life like this? Timing is everything. I guess I just don't want to be part of trial and error.

All my life I've been fighting to be special. I just got to start feeling special about myself first.

Posted on Tuesday, January 10
Posted at 5:44 PM
I started 2012 with a regret.
But now everything's much better. I don't know when I'll stop feeling so tired but I hope it's gonna be soon.

I'm not saying I'm not happy. I am.
After all I made decisions for myself and moved on. I just hope you do too. I'm not used to being the one hurting people. Not sure where all these tiredness is coming from.

So afraid too.
What if all the plans I made for myself didn't work out. What if everything I told myself not to do I did. What if the next stage of my life is just a mutated version of my past. Wouldn't I just be going in circles?

I try to be the person I wanna be but I can't deny who I really am.
Does that even make sense?
Posted on Monday, January 2
Posted at 6:53 PM
And I'm 21 this year.

Making a huge change in my life. I should have probably done this last year.

Not sure what's gonna happen to me but I just hope I'd be able to find out what I wanna do in life.

New year resolution for 2012
No fast food for the year.
I'm gonna prove everyone wrong.

And just enjoy making friends and become a sociable person.